TUTTI-FRUTTI has decided to integrate an environmental policy within the company in order to ensure that our services meet the expectations and needs of our customers and stakeholders. Therefore, we are committed to develop and continuously improve the quality and environmental management system through the following guidelines:

  • Compliant with regulations and current environmental legislation and all the requirements we are related to.
  • Increase our presence in the market through product diversification and enter specific sectors.
  • Control and supervise our activities to minimize environmental impacts in our commitment to prevent pollution.
  • Employees education and training regarding environmental issues and the environmental effects of our business.
  • A commitment to always improve our environmental performance.
  • Getting the company's personnel involved in the company's policy and contributing with their personal abilities to achieve objectives.

TUTTI-FRUTTI's management promotes cooperation and teamwork with its stakeholders in order to achieve all the objectives. Customers will receive our best service while we work in a respectful manner in order to protect the environment.

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